Prepare For the Future of Retail Fulfillment With Smart Lockers Powered by Smiota

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Rising to retail relevance in this day in age doesn’t just entail building a killer e-commerce site and a booming social media following. To compete in today’s marketplace, you need to offer your customers fast, reliable, and convenient fulfillment options. Retail order fulfillment and delivery are transforming quickly For retailers, smooth and efficient product delivery has moved rapidly from an … Read More

Simple Solutions for Increasing Click and Collect Efficiency

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package lockers for retail

If there’s one retail trend you can’t (or at least shouldn’t) ignore, it’s click and collect, or buy online, pick up in store (BOPIS). The convenient delivery option is projected to skyrocket in popularity as people seek faster and easier ways to shop. That said, implementing BOPIS is an investment that will impact everything from your staff training programs to … Read More

Pro Tips for Keeping Holiday Shoppers Happy

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holiday shopping

Amidst all the holly-jolly of the season, people tend to experience their fair share of stress — especially when it comes to shopping. But as a retailer, you have the opportunity to distract shoppers from the annoyances of long lines and crowds and deliver a positive holiday shopping experience. In this article, we’re going to cover some pro tips on … Read More

Keep Your Customer Data on Lock Down With These Strategies

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Cyber security

No retailer is immune to data breaches. Macy’s, Adidas, Best Buy, and Saks Fifth Avenue are only a few that have been impacted this year. Not only can these incidents be extremely costly, but they also bruise your reputation and obliterate customer relationships. So needless to say, keeping customer data as secure as possible is paramount. Use these strategies to … Read More

5 Facts About BOPIS That Might Surprise You

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Online shopping

When retailers started tinkering with alternative fulfillment options like click and collect, no one could be certain the strategy was going to be successful. Luckily for early adopters and those just getting into the swing of things, statistics show that not only did the buy online, pick up in store (BOPIS) method catch on, but it’s going like gangbusters. Nearly … Read More

Take Cues from These Retail Giants to Boost Your BOPIS Game

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Launching and evolving your click-and-collect system isn’t a perfect science. Take cues from these retail giants on how to create a successful BOPIS strategy. Target BOPIS Launch: 2015 Delivery methods: Delivery, drive-up, and in-store pickup STORES Top 100 Retailers List Position: #7 Target is a classic go-to for customers to scoop up holiday gifts, back to school clothes, dorm room … Read More

All Aboard the BOPIS Train: Ways to Advertise Your Click and Collect Delivery Options

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click and collect

The Buy Online, Pick Up in Store (BOPIS) delivery model is quickly gaining traction in the retail industry. One survey found that for some retailers (28.8% of all respondents), BOPIS orders accounted for up to 30% of their online revenue. It’s clear that click and collect is a popular delivery choice with today’s convenience-driven customers, but getting the word out … Read More

Digitize the Shopping Experience to Fuel Growth

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click and collect grocery

Retail headlines are peppered with stories of brands like Toys R Us, J. Crew, and Sears closing up shop. However, strong sales tell a different story for retailers like Walmart, Target, and Safeway. The latter all have something critical in common: they’ve all gone through digital makeovers to reinforce their omnichannel strategy. Thanks in part to adopting a digital culture, … Read More

The Do’s (and Must’s) of BOPIS

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Man holding shopping bags

Customers love shopping online, and they’re rapidly warming up to the idea of picking their online purchases up in store. The flexibility and control Buy Online, Pickup in Store (BOPIS) offers has prompted retail giants from Amazon to Target and Home Depot to expand their product delivery options. If you have a BOPIS strategy and infrastructure already in place, you’re … Read More