Deliveries to Your Multifamily Building Bogging You Down? Try Smiota’s Package Management Systems

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Boxes large, small, and everywhere in between are taking over lobbies and mailrooms in multifamily buildings across the country. The reason is simple — the vast majority of Americans (81%) shop online because it’s convenient and affordable. However, since online shopping is a relatively new convenience, it’s putting a strain on property managers who don’t have the technology and infrastructure … Read More

Visit Smiota at Apartmentalize 2018 in San Diego — Booth #2345

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Refrigerated Locker

If you’re in the multifamily industry, you’re not going to want to miss Apartmentalize, a premier event powered by the National Apartment Association. The event takes place June 13-16, 2018. The Apartmentalize Event This year, the Apartmentalize schedule is packed to the brim with learning sessions on everything from marketing to technology and human resources. Plus, there will be ample … Read More

Package Lockers: The Perfect Remedy to Soothe Last-Mile Growing Pains

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package lockers

Last-mile delivery, or the transport of parcels from a hub to its final destination, is going through some growing pains. The process seems simple enough on a surface level: a courier drops off a package, and a recipient picks it up. However, challenges are arising because package delivery volume is swelling at an alarming rate. Globally, UPS delivered 5.1 billion … Read More

Unbeatable Benefits of Package Lockers for Retail Stores

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There are dozens of technology-driven retail trends to experiment with these days, but package lockers specifically are making a significant impact on the industry. Package lockers are practical and easy to use, and they offer unmatched convenience for both retailer and shopper. But beyond their surface level functionality, package lockers bring plenty more unbeatable benefits to the table. Unbeatable Benefits … Read More

Ring Acquisition by Amazon: It’s About Managing the ‘Last Yard’ of Delivery

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packages on porch

If you’re up to speed on tech news, you probably already know that Amazon recently purchased security company Ring. Ring is best known for its video doorbell system that allows homeowners to monitor their porches in real time. The acquisition might leave you scratching your head — what does Amazon want with a home security company? But purchasing Ring actually … Read More

Smiota vs. Parcel Pending vs. Luxer One vs. Others: Which Package Locker System is Your Best Fit?

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package lockers

We believe in making your job easier — that is, of course, what our package lockers aim to do. However, the shopping process isn’t always easy. So, we put together this analysis of the major package locker systems out there: Smiota, Parcel Pending, Luxer One, and other competitors. Before reading on, know that we’re not going to focus on price … Read More

Success Story: University of Nevada Las Vegas

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When’s the last time you were able to give your student workers an immediate raise? That’s exactly what happened at the University of Nevada Las Vegas after they installed Smiota’s package delivery system in their residence halls. Streamlining their package management system doesn’t just save UNLV money. It saves their residence hall staff time, too, so they can focus on … Read More

7 Things to Look for in a Package Management System

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Pile of boxes

You’ve decided to automate your package delivery to handle your mailroom chaos. Excellent choice. Now it’s time to choose which system is right for you. You’ll probably be meeting with several sales reps, so we put together this article as a quick read on some things to look for as you learn about the different package management systems available. Take … Read More

Why Choose Smiota Package Management System?

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Smiota's Package Management Solution

So, you’ve decided to automate the package management process at your building. Excellent decision — your staff and your residents will thank you for it! Package management systems are relatively new, so there aren’t a large number of options, but there are a few. Here, we identify some of the features (and red flags) to look for when assessing package … Read More

Package Management Systems: Hassle-Free Package Delivery for Multifamily Buildings, Student Residences, and More

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Refrigerated locker

Do any of these sound familiar? These are common occurrences anywhere many people receive packages — multifamily buildings, student residences, and so on. And they’re likely to become even more prevalent as the online shopping craze continues to grow. A package management system can help building managers handle deliveries accurately and efficiently while taking the burden off of their front … Read More