Deliveries to Your Multifamily Building Bogging You Down? Try Smiota’s Package Management Systems

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Boxes large, small, and everywhere in between are taking over lobbies and mailrooms in multifamily buildings across the country. The reason is simple — the vast majority of Americans (81%) shop online because it’s convenient and affordable. However, since online shopping is a relatively new convenience, it’s putting a strain on property managers who don’t have the technology and infrastructure … Read More

Boise Over Brooklyn: Under the Radar Markets for Your Next Commercial Property Development

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Boise, Idaho

Millennials and Generation Z are famous for breaking the mold. The way they shop, the way they eat, and the way they communicate are vastly different than Boomers and even Gen X. And the way they work — and where they choose to do it — is no exception. The younger workforce is steering away from the bright lights of … Read More

If You Build It, They Will Come: Tips for Commercial Building Developers Seeking High-Quality Tenants

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office interior

The days of toiling away in a poorly lit concrete bunker with monotone walls and stained carpets are long gone. So instead of defaulting to the downright dull office design, commercial property developers need to take cues from what fuels today’s workforce. Think cafes and coffee, meeting rooms with seating fit for a den, and office dogs galore. Use these … Read More

Today’s Biggest Challenges With Managing Off-Campus Student Housing (and How to Overcome Them)

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Girl moving into apartment

Wrangling students by day and party animals by night can make any off-campus property manager feel more like a zookeeper than a real estate professional. And all cat-herding aside, you need to keep a strong focus on building a healthy community while keeping an operations-oriented perspective. The nonstop balancing act is something every property manager tries to master — and … Read More

Deliver an Unmatched Student Experience with an Updated Package Management System

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woman holding package

Back to school is right around the corner, and thousands of coming-of-age students are about to flock to college campuses around the country to learn to become responsible adults. As a leader of one of the most complex ecosystems in the modern world — the dorms — you’re expected to be an educator, director, counselor, designer, strategist, and architect. When … Read More

Digitize the Shopping Experience to Fuel Growth

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click and collect grocery

Retail headlines are peppered with stories of brands like Toys R Us, J. Crew, and Sears closing up shop. However, strong sales tell a different story for retailers like Walmart, Target, and Safeway. The latter all have something critical in common: they’ve all gone through digital makeovers to reinforce their omnichannel strategy. Thanks in part to adopting a digital culture, … Read More

The Do’s (and Must’s) of BOPIS

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Man holding shopping bags

Customers love shopping online, and they’re rapidly warming up to the idea of picking their online purchases up in store. The flexibility and control Buy Online, Pickup in Store (BOPIS) offers has prompted retail giants from Amazon to Target and Home Depot to expand their product delivery options. If you have a BOPIS strategy and infrastructure already in place, you’re … Read More

Play It Cool With Refrigerated Package Lockers

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Refrigerated Package Locker

More and more shoppers are choosing to buy online and pick up in store (BOPIS). In fact, BOPIS is now the second most popular delivery method. And it’s not just your occasional wardrobe upgrade or last-minute wedding gift consumers are clicking and collecting — it’s groceries, too. By 2024, seven out of 10 consumers will feed their families with food … Read More

BOPIS: Happy Customers, Happier Businesses

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BOPIS Customer

Buy Online, Pick Up In Store (BOPIS or BOPUS) offers today’s multi-tabbing, multi-tasking customers the latest convenience of e-commerce. To capture the quick eye (and the quicker forefinger) of online consumers, big and small retailers alike are turning to the industry’s latest value proposition. According to The eMarketer E-commerce Insights Report, half of online users opt for BOPIS, revealing growth … Read More