Ring Acquisition by Amazon: It’s About Managing the ‘Last Yard’ of Delivery

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If you’re up to speed on tech news, you probably already know that Amazon recently purchased security company Ring. Ring is best known for its video doorbell system that allows homeowners to monitor their porches in real time. The acquisition might leave you scratching your head — what does Amazon want with a home security company? But purchasing Ring actually … Read More

Smiota vs. Parcel Pending vs. Luxer One vs. Others: Which Package Locker System is Your Best Fit?

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We believe in making your job easier — that is, of course, what our package lockers aim to do. However, the shopping process isn’t always easy. So, we put together this analysis of the major package locker systems out there: Smiota, Parcel Pending, Luxer One, and other competitors. Before reading on, know that we’re not going to focus on price … Read More

Package Lockers + Multifamily Developments = Perfect Match

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Package lockers are the cherry on top of any multifamily development. There are plenty of reasons to love package lockers, but these are a few of the biggest reasons why they’re popping up in multifamily facilities across the country: They save time on managing package deliveries They provide a desirable amenity for Millennial renters They reduce package theft There’s no … Read More

Don’t Fall Into These Common Property Development Traps

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New Apartments

Property development is appealing to fearless entrepreneurs, and for good reason. With the possibility of making dramatic profits in short period of time, property development can be a lucrative and rewarding venture. However, one small misstep can derail a project, leading to enormous setbacks, and in some cases, financial ruin. While novices might be especially vulnerable to making mistakes, seasoned … Read More

5 Pesky Property Management Tasks That Can Be Automated

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Property manager: a small job title that encompasses an endless list of responsibilities and daily tasks. With a complex job like property management, it’s only natural to look for ways to increase efficiency in your daily workflow. Luckily, some of the more tedious and time-consuming tasks can be automated with a little help from property management software, package management systems, … Read More

6 Shocking Stats about Package Theft

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When you order something online, you expect the package to arrive safely, right? Well, according to the statistics, there’s actually a good chance that your deliveries could get swiped by “porch pirates.” Here’s what the numbers have to say. Nearly one-third of Americans have had a package stolen off their front porch. One in three. 33%. Three people out of … Read More

Apartment Amenities You’re Guaranteed to Notice in 2018

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Swimming pools and treadmills aren’t enough to attract desirable tenants anymore. With so many young people choosing to rent over buying a house, multifamily building owners will have to step up their game. Amenities that will gain more popularity over the next few years will focus on technology, security, and a sense of community, so don’t be surprised if you … Read More